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Milind Soman for Zlade Ballistic by Anagram Digital


Gotta love a brand that literally leaves the "balls" in your court eh?


Men's intimate hygiene in India was a term that didn’t exist. Forget intimate hygiene, a man's skincare routine was as non-existent as his hairline in his 30's.


Enter Zlade Ballistic - a well funded Mumbai-based startup - creating a brand that revolutionised the way India manscapes. Challenge? Communicating all of this with humour, quirk and more; while ensuring we don’t hurt the Indian sensibilities. 


Communication that at times needs some care, tending and pampering… just like balls. And that's where we came in.

Ad Campaigns

Scripting and Ideation by: Anagram Digital

Ideas so

raw and unapologetic, they'll have to grow a pair to handle them.

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Socal media
Valentine's Day Post for Ballistic Zlade.jpg
Palindrome Instagram Post for Zlade Ballistic.jpg


so loud yet minimal, we'll grab the audience by their b. . .


so thick,

even Ballistic’s trimmers

won't cut it.

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