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The Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD) is a private design college offering degree courses in fashion, interiors and communication design. They were only six years and two-graduate-batches-old when we met them, and had their eyes on increasing student enrolments at a reduced cost-per-enrolment. They already had some positive buzz going, but wanted to build a bigger name among both students and parents.

Considering IIAD was in its infancy, we realised what was important for them was being present everywhere - to build awareness and credibility. We gathered our thoughts and began some extensive research.


To get IIAD to be in every place where the audience looks, we explored the student community’s touch points and covered them all: From Quora where they ask questions, to Instagram where they surf, from Google where they search for tips on admission to social media where they notice an ad, we covered all bases. We even delved deeper into their typical behaviour - checking out the best colleges on College Dunia, reading articles on Times of India, and so on - and ensured IIAD was there as well.


Several growth hacking tools were carefully deployed to ensure constant performance improvement:

  • Full funnel audience targeting and profiling

  • Personalised funnel-based email drips

  • Landing page optimisation for each UTM 

  • Shifting dependencies from static creatives to dynamic content

  • Targeted hours to improve ad efficiency

  • Frequent A/B testing

Performance Marketing




In the number of online applications



Cost Per Application

Reduced cost per application on Facebook



Cost Per Application 

Reduced cost per application on Google

(Marketing Consulting project from September 2020 to October 2021 - case study by Neha Gupta)

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