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A lyrical interpretation of timeless fashion, Poetrycomes from the brilliant minds of the creators of a young Delhi-based outdoor gear startup - Road Gods. The brand  curates bags for women - and communicates with them both as the Muse behind their designs, and the possessors of the final masterpieces.


One can pen a plethora of different thoughts on paper - but what verses would suit a brand that talks about tangible, premium bags? One needed to build a storyline that established a connection between the Poetry and its Muse, and also defined a clean identity for the brand across social media platforms. 


This was done by turning ourselves into Poets that described the different shades of a woman and translating them into words.

The Feeling of Wanting to do Something Adventurous:

Running away into the wilderness

Sweaty limbs brushing through wet leaves

Splashing muddy water on fragrant flowers

Reaching out to sunshine

The sun calling out from the horizon,

Ready to sleep, but not leaving alone

Waiting for you to embrace what you want to;

Answers to all the questions you have

A cold breeze, dogs howling at a distance

Answers in the dark, between humongous trees

Bees buzzing around, creepers all over the ground

Sitting in the lap of the highest tree

Feeling safe away from the rambling world

An escape so extraordinary

An escape so vague

An escape so successful.


The Sense to be Empowered:

It's a dark room

An endless one

With me in the centre

No idea of what lies ahead of me

Or behind me

Or any way inside

It's scary in that dark room

An evil atmosphere

With no sound or touch of existence

No idea of where to go

Or what to do

Or what not to

It's a dark eerie room

And I'm my own flashlight.

Social Media

The Sudden Love for Self Love:

Do you realise what you have

What you can do

The power you possess

Or you wait

Wait for it to be lost

Into a world that's dark and mysterious, has no way out

Wait to see it go

And then sit and wonder

Why you never appreciated

And never held it tight to your chest

Maybe you should've

Maybe you should continue to realise everyday

What you have

And what you possess that's different for you

... and no one else out there.

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